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andrew's strengths

I've been a certified Gallup Strength coach for over 7 years, using positive psychology in almost all of my coaching and workshops. I also worked exclusively with Gallup executives to train over 1,500 of their top coaches on habits. 


Below are my own top five themes (areas of natural talents).

People who are talented in intellection are introspective and appreciate cerebral discussions. I like to think deeply and often—stretching the brain's muscle.



Simply put, learners love to learn. I am energized by the journey of learning (more so than the outcome). This helps me work in dynamic work enviornments.



Ideation is fascinated by new ideas. I connect concepts together and explain them in simple ways. I get a kick whenever a new idea occurs to me and I want to share it.



Strategic people create alternative ways to proceed. When I'm faced with a complicated situation I can spot patterns and novel ways of evaluating them.


People with input have a craving to know more. I collect and share relevant information. For example, I've memorized thousands of quotes and poems.


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