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Years ago, I had just finished training over 200 teachers and principals. After a follow-up assessment to see what had changed. All of them had reverted back to their previous habits. I was dismayed and knew I needed answers. That's when I met BJ—author of Tiny Habits™ and founder of the Behavior Design Lab. His approach simplifies the essential work of Thorndike and Skinner and has helped hundreds of thousands change their habits. He's been an incredible mentor and friend.

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behavior change achievement test

I worked alongside Dr. BJ Fogg, the director of the lab, to identify the best methods of evaluation. Our goal was to create an assessment that measured a person's overall knowledge, ability, and self-efficacy when changing behavior.

tiny habits for climate change

I spent countless hours helping BJ record his Tiny Habits content into small bite-sized modules. This content was meant for Climate Change professionals that consistently deal with behavior and habit change needs. Instead of designing a new delivery, we used a social media platform that could help us scale (Mighty Networks).

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rosetta project

The lab took on the challenge of translating Stanford's social psychology research into behaviors for undergraduates. After a number of interviews it was obvious their most pressing needs were based on social comparison, identity threat, and emotional anxiety. I managed newer members in user testing while focusing on the best research for the most meaningful behaviors.

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