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Inspired Learning group

Working with my partners from Duke Corporate Education we transformed Zermatt Resort's 60,000 sq. feet of education space into one of Utah's premier learning centers. We built the client list from zero to over 100. My role was to assess client needs, design customized content, and ensure behaviors changed!

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Leading with strengths

In partnership with Gallup®, the Inspired Learning Group introduces Leading with Strengths™. This cutting edge course is designed with six decades of research and the latest positive psychology. You’ll receive a report of your top five signature themes—our natural way in thinking and behavior—as well as how to pair those themes with actionable micro-behaviors so your organization will flourish.

Impact communications

Every organization has problems. The good ones talk about them instead of ignoring them. In other words, they foster the openness and build the skills required to have the tough conversations, and do them well. It’s not enough to just “muscle through” these conversations. We need to prepare, we need to empathize, we need to work from a mindset of curiosity and joint problem-solving. A

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negotiating for mutual gain

By adopting a mindset of mutual gain, and practicing the mental and conversational tools that go with it, you can see an immediate improvement in the outcomes of your negotiations, large and small. Practice sessions increase in diculty and complexity for total negotiation mastery.

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