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andrew r. webb

I design learning experiences that change behavior

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My purpose is to simplify the academic into the actionable for leaders and their teams. I get giddy making sure a good piece of content or a simple tool can improve a person's life. Sure, changing habits isn't easy. But it's oh-so-rewarding. That's why you'll see my inner nerd come out when we talk about behavioral science or how to transfer learning. Because what I really want is for people to take what they've learned and actually do something meaningful with it in their lives. This is the recurring theme in my career, from designing custom education for Fortune 500 companies to starting my own training companies to mentoring the individual leader one on one.

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MS Learning Design and Technology

Stanford University
I am a lifelong student of learning. So I took a hiatus from industry and moved with my family to Palo Alto—refining my expertise in learning sciences. I also helped behavioralize academic research at the Behavior Design Lab with Dr. BJ Fogg

2019 - 21

Weave, UT

I designed the first L&D initiatives for one of Utah's fastest-growing unicorns (NYSE: Weav). Employee count grew from 185 to 750 employees while I was there. Trust me, there was a whole lotta learning going on...


2016 - 20


Award-winning podcast that reached top 1% of its genre. What started out as a pandemic project became a full-scale production. I researched the science, wrote scripts, curated actors, and managed sound production. 

Midway, UT

Transformed 60,000 sq. ft of corporate learning space into a premier learning center. I designed customized learning for clients while focusing heavily on behavioral outcomes.  

2016 -

Research with Dr. BJ Fogg

I co-created the Behavior Change Achievement Test, scaled Tiny Habit™ curriculum for niche market, and "behavioralized" psychology research on Stanford campus for undergraduate emotional health.

OK Impact Group

2012 - 16

Impact Investment Fund

OK pioneered impact investing by building its corpus through entrepreneurial projects around the world. I performed due diligence and identified the leadership needs of each organization.


MBA Organizational Behavior

Case Western, OH

I went in interested in leadership psychology and came out an entrepreneur. But my passion for human behavior followed me into every venture. Oh...since the school was designed by Frank Gehry, I also fell in love with design thinking.


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